Websters PPP: Preparation, Practice, Performance (Text)

This is the “must have” book for all serious brass players. In addition to 33 fantastic musical studies (including performance notes), the book also prepares the player in both body and mind to ensure top-notch concert performances. This item comes with a demo CD featuring Roger Webster performing the studies from the book.

Forward by James Gourlay; ‘Roger Webster, as almost everyone involved in the World of brass playing will know, is internationally renowned as a soloist who combines impeccable technique with unparalleled artistry. He is also a respected pedagogue who combines his vast experience as a performer with research into the World's best teaching methods. I am therefore delighted to recommend this book, which combines science with common sense, wisdom with practicality. It should become an indispensable tool for teachers of all brass instruments, who might use it to develop their skills, and, of course, for students, who will, through the daily application of the principles contained herein, find the path to self-development and fulfilment as musicians. Dr. Webster should be justly proud to have made such an important contribution to brass pedagogy.’

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