Twelve Celebrated Fantasies and Airs Varies for Trumpet and Piano

This is the piano accompaniment to the famous cornet concertos found at the end of the Arban Method. (The cornet part is available in the Arban Method, also available for purchase.) 

Titles include:

  1. Fantaisie and Variations on a Cavatina from "Beatrice di Tenda" 
  2. Fantaisie and Variations on "Acteon" 
  3. Fantaisie Brillante 
  4. Variations on a Tyrolean Song 
  5. Variations on a Song "The Beautiful Snow" 
  6. Cavatina and Variations 
  7. Air Varie on a Folk Song "The Little Swiss Boy"
  8. Caprice and Variations 
  9. Fantaisie and Variations on a German Theme 
  10. Variations on a Favorite Theme by Weber 
  11. Fantaisie and Variations on "The Carnival of Venice" 
  12. Variations on a Theme from "Norma"

Solo Parts Included: Piano accompaniment only

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