Trumpet Concerto (Piano Reduction)

Edward Gregson's Trumpet Concerto is in three movements and was originally scored for strings and timpani. This work was commissioned by Howard Snell and the Wren Orchestra of London with funds provided by the Arts Council of Great Britain. It was written for, and is dedicated to, James Watson.

Gregson says, "The first movement, Allegro giusto, contrasts two main ideas: the first is strident, angular and highly rhythmic, whilst the second is more lyrical and pensive. The second movement (dedicated to the memory of Dmitri Shostakovich), again has contrasting elements. The music here is fragmented, but soon dissolves into a more flowing middle section which builds to a powerful climax. The Finale, Vivo e brillante, is exuberant in style and cast in rondo form. A virtuoso coda with trumpet and strings throwing cascading scales at each other concludes the concerto."

Solo Parts Included: Trumpet

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