Stepping Stones for Euphonium, Volume 1

Called the 'ultimate euphonium educational tool' this disc provides excellent performances of standard repertoire for any younger euphonium player. The material on this disc encompasses all primary levels of solos, and is an excellent resource for performer and teacher alike.

Pat Stuckemeyer says, "When I made this disc I was making a disc that would help people. I didn't want to merely make another disc that would further my career, I wanted to do something that could really help the younger musicians that play the instrument that I love so much. It is my hope that this disc does just that - these are not pieces that will leave you awe-struck, rather they are pieces that are at the very core of our repertoire. I have loaded-up this disc with as much material that I can, hoping that you will get more than you paid for. I present these solos without improvisation, merely doing my best to provide a quality interpretation that is as close to the composer's wishes as possible."

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