Sonata for Euphonium and Piano

Barbara York's Sonata for Euphonium and Piano is a relatively new piece, which was commissioned by Cimarron Music with the help of many tuba and euphonium players. This piece was dedicated to euphonium-performer Demondrae Thurman, and to his youngest child - Steffan. The premise of this piece is prevalent in its subtitle - "Child's Play." To the euphonium world, "Child's Play" would probably mean something to do with the brass-banding family, but this is a play on words - meaning that anyone who thinks that having a child, raising one, being one or even playing music about one is as easy as we might expect, is invariably in for some surprises. That being said, this piece is a great addition to your next concert. Barbara York has delivered a well-crafted piece that will challenge the player, and delight the audience.

solo parts included: TC, BC

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