Marcinkiewicz Standard Tuba Mouthpieces

Whether you're a beginner or professional tuba player, the most critical piece of equipment is your mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is the physical connection of the wind player to their instrument. By offering an easy to understand spec system, we allow the player to find the best possible mouthpiece for their playing needs. 

Marcinkiewicz Co. does not believe in student and professional model mouthpieces. A mouthpiece is simply a tool a player uses to create sound. Depending on the needs and experience level of each player, their needs will change and evolve with their playing. A wide selection of models and sizes is crucial to a player's success. You need to use the right tool for the job, and Marcinkiewicz Co. can help. 

Marcinkiewicz's standard tuba mouthpieces are offered in three different rim sizes; N, W, & H. The N rimmed mouthpieces have a narrow rim. The W rim pieces have a wider rim. The H rim versions have a smaller inside bite most similar to the old Conn Helleberg mouthpieces. 

The ST3 and ST4 models were designed with beginning players in mind. The smaller shallow cups help build compression and don't require as much air as their larger counterparts. These pieces allow a beginning player to acclimate to the rigorous demands of a tuba player without over working and hurting the chops.

Currently, Just for Brass offers the N4 T. Johnson tuba mouthpiece. (Additional mouthpieces may be available through special orders - please contact us for details.) For additional information, please visit the Marcinkiewicz Co. site.

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