Marcinkiewicz Bobby Shew Trumpet Mouthpieces

Whether you're a beginner or professional trumpet player, the most critical piece of equipment is your mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is the physical connection of the wind player to their instrument. By offering an easy to understand spec system, we allow the player to find the best possible mouthpiece for their playing needs. 

Marcinkiewicz Co. does not believe in student and professional model mouthpieces. A mouthpiece is simply a tool a player uses to create sound. Depending on the needs and experience level of each player, their needs will change and evolve with their playing. A wide selection of models and sizes is crucial to a player's success. You need to use the right tool for the job, and Marcinkiewicz Co. can help.

The Bobby Shew mouthpieces were made specifically for the Shew himself. Several models are available:

  • Bobby Shew 1.25 (E10.3): 1.057 outside cup, 0.662 inside cup, 0.38 cup depth
  • Bobby Shew 1.5 (E9.1): 1.057 outside cup, 0.662 inside cup, 0.395 cup depth
  • Bobby Shew 2 (E5): 1.06 outside cup, 0.662 inside cup, 0.427 cup depth

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