Larghetto for Euphonium with Tuba Ensemble or Piano Accompaniment

Farr tells more about his music: "Larghetto for Euphonium was composed especially for my good friend and eminent colleague Tormod Robsahm Flaten. The piece contains several themes and variations which I feel suit Tormod’s personality and playing styles as well as being challenging to him as a performer. The themes are introduced with a somewhat hazy, disturbing accompaniment followed by a solo cadenza. They are then played in their proper form with a more relaxed and fluid background. Another solo cadenza becomes a bridge to the next section where a muted, mechanical loop forms an unlikely layer for the restated themes. Tormod’s Jewish roots are represented by the themes which themselves are twisted fragments of Jewish tunes. An abrupt and chaotic interruption brings us to the ending which sees the solo voice repeating its mantra until the basses, distant Tibetan horns, fall to rest. The solo is accompanied by one euphonium and two tubas, an accompaniment which I hope compliments the euphonium in a more sympathetic manner than that of the piano, as it helps create a more homogeneous sound.”

solo parts included: BC, TC
accompaniment included: tuba/euphonium quartet, piano reduction

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