Grande Fantaisie Dramatique for Euphonium and Brass Band

The Euphonium Virtuoso Collection is a new series of euphonium solos arranged by Luc Vertommen especially for Steven Mead and offers exciting study and performance opportunities for every aspiring soloist.

Top quality arrangements available in different versions for soloist and brass band, symphonic wind band or piano accompaniment.

When Adolphe Sax (1814-1894) went to Paris he first worked on his famous saxhorns from 1842 till 1854. He not only invented this famous family of conical bore brass instruments but he also commercialised them and asked his friends musicians and composers at the Paris Conservatory to compose some original works for the new saxhorns.

Jules Demersseman (1833-1866) was born in Hondschoote (in the North of France on the Belgian border) and was at that time a virtuoso flautist and composer. He entered the Paris Conservatory when 11 years old and he obtained his first prize for flute a year later! Because of his early death, Demersseman as a composer is almost completely forgotten and briefly remembered through the works he composed for Adolphe Sax, ‘Trombone with Six Independent Valves’.

The musical style of his ‘Grande Fantaisie Dramatique’ is written for the taste of the Parisian public of that period. As well as in his easy exam pieces, his most brilliant fantasies sought to charm the fashionable light music fans. His Grande Fantasie Dramatique is a unique example of this theme and variations style (made more famous by J.B. Arban later on) where the euphonium soloist could show off his technical and musical possibilities. The influence of French opera is ever present with disguised arias and recitatives that give this fantasy its dramatic character.

solo parts included: BC, TC, BC Bb

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