Grand Air de Zair for Euphonium and Brass Band

The Euphonium Virtuoso Collection is a new series of euphonium solos arranged by Luc Vertommen especially for Steven Mead and offers exciting study and performance opportunities for every aspiring soloist.

Top quality arrangements available in different versions for soloist and brass band, symphonic wind band or piano accompaniment.
Grand Air de Zaïr is an eight minute recitative and aria from Saverio Mercadente’s opera ‘Zaïra’. In the 18th century when Italian opera dominated Europe we find the 30 year old Mercadente leaving Italy in 1826 to try his fortunes in Spain and Portugal. He composed seven operas there before returning to Italy in 1831. In 1830 he composed a new work for Naples, the opera Zaïra based on one of Voltaire’s finest tragedies. The theme is the conflicting claims of religion and love, for Zaïra is torn between the allegiance she owes to the Christian faith in which she was born and the love she feels for Sultan Orosmane.

All the bel canto, lyrical phrases and cadenzas are present in this Italian virtuoso show piece in a style that could be compared as a mix between Rossini’s ‘Una voce poco fa’ and ‘Largo al Factotum’.

solo parts included: BC, TC, BC Bb
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