Flying Circus for Brass Quintet

Flying Circus was commissioned by the Pacific Brass Ensemble and was premiered in January 2002. It is a three movement work (fast-slow-fast). The brass quintet version was written in 2012. Movement one, Barnstorming, like it's title, is energetic and extroverted, with a fanfare intro followed by soli statements in each of the brass families. Movement two, Castles in the Sky is a slow ballad with many contrapuntal solo lines leading into a 12/8 waltz. The middle section features a chorale quartet. This movement was completed shortly after September 11, 2001 and is dedicated to the memory of the victims and heroes of that day. The finale, Wingding is a fast, odd-meter romp that features jazz solos for trombone and trumpet. The title, Flying Circus, comes from m other passion--flying. It was recorded in 2017 by the Modern Brass Quintet.

- Jim Self

Solo parts included: trumpets in Bb 1+2, horn in F, trombone, tuba

Score included


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