Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player

Scott Watson, Professor at the University of Kansas and member of Symphonia, says:

“David Vining’s Daily Routines for Euphonium is an innovative and very effective way for students of all levels to develop and maintain these skills at a high level. I love that the book has routines that cover every facet of euphonium playing, yet each routine also covers all the basics regardless of their specific focus. This is a facet of this fine book that makes it wonderfully unique and effective. The student simply needs to just play each routine completely in a given day and improvement is guaranteed. There is so much diversity in this book that the routines never get boring. This book WORKS.”

Daily Routines for the Student Euphonium Player is perfect for the beginning tuba player, but it contains information appropriate for all levels, including college. The chapters on air, lip bends and ear training and vibrato are particularly unique and helpful.

46 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

solo parts included: BC or TC

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