3 Profiles (4 eu, 4 tu)

3 Profiles by Anthony Plog. From the composer, Anthony Plog: "When Winston Morris asked me to write a piece to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his Tennesse Tech Tuba Ensemble, I thought it would be interesting to write a piece highlighting the attributes of some of the great tuba players I have known. The first movement, "Mr. P.", takes as its inspiration the great and elegant player Dan Perantoni. This movement is accordingly light and energic. "The New Breed" is a lyrical and flowing movement dedicated to Kent Ehselman, representative of the new generation of tuba players who will carry on the great work done by their predecessors. In "T.J. Bozo" I have tried to capture the thrill of hearing the sound of aggressive tuba playing after having heard Roger Bobo and Tommy Johnson in big orchestral works."

solo parts included: euphonium BC, tuba in C

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