Trombone Stands


  1. ErgoBone Instrument Support System for Trombone

    The general idea of ERGObrass supports is based on a simple fact that all brass instruments are heavy to hold. We all know that relaxation is very important in brass playing. However, holding ...

    ¥1,116.23 CNY

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    ErgoBone Instrument Support System for Trombone
  2. Hamilton Trombone Stand

    The Hamilton trombone stands are rugged and reliable. Features a wide base for extra stability, bell rest with spring cushion and lock, folding collapsible legs for easy transport and plastic ...

    ¥124.46 CNY

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    Hamilton Trombone Stand
  3. Hercules "Tab Grab" Tablet Holder

    This convenient and easy-to-use stand provides an extra hand on stage to hold your tablet. It is a fully covered one-piece clamp that attaches to your music stand or other stands. The detachab ...

    ¥262.39 CNY

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  4. Hercules Brass Mute Holder

    The Hercules HA100 brass mute holder holds most cornet, trumpet, trombone and French horn mutes on a music stand. The specially formulated foam covering on the rings is designed to eliminate n ...

    ¥163.87 CNY

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    Hercules Brass Mute Holder
  5. Jupiter Folding Music Stand

    The convenient Jupiter wire folding music stand is made of black metal and comes with a bag and a shoulder strap for easy transportation. A must for every music student! ...

    ¥98.19 CNY

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    Jupiter Folding Music Stand
  6. K & M Heavy Duty Trombone Stand

    This is an excellent heavy-duty trombone stand. Features sturdy two-section steel tubing, a wide and flat tripod base with non-marring rubber tips, an adjustable plastic peg and height adjustm ...

    ¥479.14 CNY

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    K & M Heavy Duty Trombone Stand
  7. K & M Trombone Stand

    This K & M trombone stand is durable, sturdy and reliable. Made of a fiberglass reinforced plastic base with rubber end caps. Has foldable legs, an adjustable plastic peg and a non-marring ...

    ¥255.82 CNY

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    K & M Trombone Stand
  8. Manhasset Accessory Box

    This Accessory Box allows musicians to have the music stand storage they need. Holds all the supplies you have to have (pencils, valve oil, mouthpieces, rosin, cleaning supplies, reeds, and a ...

    ¥131.03 CNY

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    Manhasset Accessory Box
  9. Manhasset Accessory Shelf

    This Accessory Shelf provides storage at your fingertips! This durable ABS plastic shelf slides onto the ledge of your stand, instantly converting it to a double-lipped orchestral stand. This ...

    ¥65.35 CNY

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    Manhasset Accessory Shelf
  10. Manhasset Director Stand

    A must for every director, this unique Manhasset stand features double desk construction for easily accessible music storage. The vertical extension and desk dimensions are identical to the Ma ...

    ¥367.48 CNY

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    Manhasset Director Stand
  11. Manhasset Fourscore Music Stand

    The Manhasset Fourscore Music Stand features a one-piece desk that measures 32'' wide - enough room to hold 4 pages of music. Ideal for groups, private studios, conductors and more. Th ...

    ¥367.48 CNY

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    Manhasset Fourscore Music Stand
  12. Manhasset Orchestral Music Stand

    The Manhasset Double Lip Orchestral Music Stand is designed especially for concert orchestras. The double lip provides convenient storage for bows, rosin, pencils, reeds, valve oil, and more. ...

    ¥393.75 CNY

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    Manhasset Orchestral Music Stand
  13. Manhasset Table Top Stand

    Enjoy the full size Manhasset music stand desk resting on any flat surface. Ideal for classroom, private studio, home use and more! Rubber foot on back support and felt pads located beneath th ...

    ¥177.01 CNY

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    Manhasset Table Top Stand
  14. Rat Stands Jazz Stand

    A professional music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full size music tray with pencil shelf. And yet, as a result of its unique design it unfold ...

    ¥1,050.55 CNY

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    Rat Stands Jazz Stand
  15. SLM Folding Music Stand

    The SLM Stage Hardware folding music stand is one of the most portable and sturdiest folding stands available. It collapses into one piece and features a sturdy tripod base. Available only in ...

    ¥98.19 CNY

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    SLM Folding Music Stand

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