One More Dance

McCaslin, Tom


"One More Dance" is my second album, and like my first, it is a collection of new music for the solo tuba that is fresh, challenging, and hopefully fun for the listener. I spend a lot of time searching for and commissioining new music for the tuba and what I've assembled here are nine pieces that are for solo tuba and piano that share several characteristics. Firstly, all of the composers of these pieces are performers. Even more interesting is that all of the composers are performers across many genres of different styles of music, including: classical, jazz, pop, fusion, and new age...These pieces provide a challenge technically but ultimately; it is gratifying and satisfying on a personal and musical level...Enjoy, relax and don't be afraid to "dance" (even if it is to the tuba!)!

--Tom McCaslin

  • 3 Danses - Thibault HEAR
  • Clear Lake - Oberheu HEAR
  • Jazz Variations on Theme by Paganini - Garson HEAR
  • Just Another Carnival... - Arban/arr. McCaslin HEAR
  • Miniatures for Tuba and Piano - Schulz HEAR
  • One More Dance - Kellaway HEAR
  • Sonate for Tuba and Piano - Schnyder HEAR
  • Visare and Fantezie Nocturna - Ionel HEAR