Monochrome II for Seven Trombones

Schickele, Peter


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Peter Schickele is also known as P.D.Q. Bach. From the publisher "MONOCHROME means, of course, 'one color', and each of the pieces in this series is written for a multiple number of a single kind of instrument. Beyond that limitation, however, there is no attempt to the restrict the palette; each MONOCHROME explores  a variety of harmonic, rhythmic, melodic and timbral textures. MONOCHROME II was writeen for a brass class at the The Juilliard School of Music in New York City, conducted by Donald Jennings. Its one movement contains unison, contrapuntal and pyramid chord sections as well as a final chorale; most of these sections are separated by brief passage in which open sounds and muted sounds are contrasted and overlapped."

Parts Included: Trombones 1-7, Score.