Marfa pa Hamnoy for Trumpet, Piano and String Quintet

Lindberg, Christian


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From the composer, Christian Lindberg: "I remember the summer of 1976, which I spent on Lofoten, north of Norway, together with my parents and our wonderful dog Marfa. This was basically when I decided to become a musician, and Marfa and I took long walks in the incredibly beautiful landscape around the little village of Hamnöy. What particularly amazed me with Marfa was her sense of direction. Even if we had walked for hours, she new exactly the way back to the house, and she did this by using her nose, smelling where we had been walking before, i.e. trusting completely what her nose was telling her..."

solo parts included: trumpet in C
acc. parts included: Piano, Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Bass